Franchise Application

NOTE: This is for franchise inquiries. For information regarding employment,
please contact your local Gandolfo's.
The filing of this Application does not obligate the applicant to purchase or the franchisor to sell a franchise.
NOTE: (Complete in full and do not use abbreviations. If an input does not apply to you,
for text enter N/A or none, for numbers enter at least 3 digits ex:555 or 111)
For a printable application: download one here.
For a printable personal financial statement: download one here.
Basic Information
Last, First Middle
Are you a citizen of the U.S.?
Yes No
Are you of legal age in your state and/or area of residence?
Yes No
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Yes No
Other names known by:
Spouse's Name:
Last, First Middle
Other names known by:
Daytime Phone: ( ) - Evening Phone: ( ) -
Cellphone: ( ) - Fax: ( ) -
Best time to contact you:
E-Mail address:
ZIP/Postal Code:

Educational Background
(Include schools attended, years, and degrees/certificates):

Business Information
Are you self-employed Yes No Telephone (Business): ( ) -
Employed By: Number of years:
Address: Nature of Business:
City: Position:
State: May you be contacted at work? Yes No

(Include name, address, telephone - no relatives please):

Personal Information (Please list figures in U.S. Dollars)
Income from present occupation per year:
Other income per year:

If other income please explain:

Specific Data (Please list figures in U.S. Dollars)
Would this business be your sole source of income? Yes No
Own home or rent? Own Rent If own, current value:
Mortgage/Rent Payment:
Your Total Assets: Your Total Liabilities:
Available cash for investing: Net Worth:
Have a financing source? Yes No Amount of financing available:
If qualified, when ready to franchise?
Will you be the sole owner of this business? Yes No
If names are to be included on the Franchise Agreements, please have these individuals fill out a seperate application.
Estimated training date should you choose to invest:
Location Preference:

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