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City Weekly’s Best of Utah 04: Best Sandwiches – Gandolfo’s / April 1, 2004

By Bill Frost, Ben Fulton, Shane Johnson, Scott Renshaw, Ann Poore, John Saltas, Jerre Wroble, Katharine Biele, Bobbi Parrry, Ted Scheffler, D.P. Sorensen, Jacob Stringer, Jenny Thomas, Leslie Vreeland Salt Lake City Weekly
City Weekly’s Best of Utah 04: Best Sandwiches

Call us masters of the obvious. Since the street date of the 2004 edition of Salt Lake City Weekly’s annual Best of Utah happened to coincide with the hallowed holiday of April Fool’s Day, we took it as a sign from on high: Go forth and make stuff up. A few of our writers embrace this philosophy every week of thet year, so it’s not a new concept to us. In the spirit of some of our fellow tabloid-size weeklies, the national ones that cost actual money found in the supermarket checkout aisle, City Weekly fabricated a dozen or more (we’re not giving away the number) Best of Utah staff picks in honor of our April Fool’s Day publication date. We know our regular readers are smart enough to spot’em, casual visitors to City Weekly land, well good luck to you. We even invented a cute mascot, Carpir the Carp-a-Lope, just because we could. Look for him; he’s a busy fish, or antelope, or whatever. The rest of the 15th annual Best of Utah, however, is business as usual: The new and perennial favorites you voted for, a few hundred staffer suggestions about local people, places and activities you may not have been hip to (as well as some of our patented backhanded “compliments”). And, above all, the most entertaining read to be had on Planet Zion all year, April Fool’s Day or not. Read on, enjoy, and happy hunting for those fakes (Hint: In some instances, theyre not necessarily stranger than the truth). BEST SANDWICHES Gandolfo’s There’s a reason Gandolfo’s has been one of few strongholds on Main Street for the past eight years. Two words: Knuckle Sandwich. It’s pastrami piled high on sourdough bread, stacked with marinated Italian mushrooms, olives, lettuce, tomato, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and slathered with butter, mayo, oil, vinegar, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese that socks you in the mouth on the first bite. But the Knuckle Sandwich is special to the downtown Gandolfo’s; you can’t get it in the `burbs. If your bland Utah taste buds aren’t up for the Knuckle, as Gandolfo’s night manager Paul suspects, he’s got a grip of turkey and roast beef selections that’ll do you just right. Also try the favored ranch-tortellini salad, one of sic prepared daily on site.